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教学背景 本课微课来自新世纪英语课本高二第二学期Unit 2 Making Speeches---Tips on Making a Public Speech。本校高二的学生基础较扎实,但缺乏自我学习的能力,因此在设计教学活动时,教师尽量安排学生的师生问答和自主学习以提高学生的参与性。词汇困难会影响学生对文本的字面理解,阅读读前活动的目的之一就是帮助学生扫除文本中影响理解的语言障碍。在读前活动阶段帮助学生理解一些关键词汇既可以避免打断学生的阅读,同时还能直接并有效地提高学生对语篇的整体理解和把握,调动学生阅读的积极性。
教学内容 stance, gesture, distract, nonverbal communication, verbal communication(新世纪英语S2B Unit 2 Making Speeches ---Tips on Making a Public Speech)
教学目标 1. 学生通过观看视频,迅速了解文本主题、提高阅读的积极性;
2. 学生通过讨论问题,激活相关背景知识,为阅读文本做好铺垫;
3. 学生通过师生问答的方式,熟悉和认知与文本主题相关的词汇, 扫除阅读理解上的语言障碍。
教学方法 教师通过设计问与答的方式,引出主题和目标词汇。

Step One – 观看视频,思考问题 (2mins)
1. Ss will be asked to watch the very beginning of a video clip of Obama’s speech and answer the following question. The video clip will be played for only 2 seconds.
T: What do you think Obama is doing?
S: He is making a speech.
2. Ss will be asked to go on watching the video clip and think about the following question.
? Do you think Obama is a successful speaker or not? Why do you think so?

Step Two – 师生问答,认知目标词汇 (4mins)
T: Do you think Obama is a successful speaker or not? Why do you think so?
S: I think he is a successful speaker, because he looks confident and he is using his body language naturally.
T: What body language impresses you most in this speech?
S: Hands.
T: I think what you mean is gestures, the use of movements, especially of the hands. It seems that Obama likes using gestures very much and many different gestures are used in this speech, like this and that. (教师展示视频中奥巴马使用的某些手势) What else?
S: Eye contact.
T: Exactly. The text “Eye Contact” in Senior One tells us that in public speaking, a large amount of communication is achieved through eye contact. Any more?
S: Facial expressions.
T: Right. This is the most common skill we use to express our feelings. No more?
S:… (学生一片沉默)
T: Suppose Obama delivers his speech in this way, (教师站得十分僵硬,并低着头,随后又站得十分懒散), what’s wrong with him as a speaker?
S: 姿势(学生只能用中文表述)
T: Stance, that is, the position of a standing person. In the video, we can see Obama stand up straight and move his body naturally.

T: Actually, body language is a way to express ourselves by not using words. We can also call it nonverbal communication. Then what do we call the communication with words?
S: Verbal communication.
T: Both verbal and nonverbal communication are used in making a speech, but we always pay little attention to the latter. Actually proper use of nonverbal communication will help you attract your audience, otherwise the audience’s attention will be distracted. I mean, they will stop paying attention to you. The text we are going to read focuses on how to use nonverbal communication in a public speech. Let’s read it and get some tips on making a successful speech.

In the video clip, Obama made a good speech by using _____________ naturally.
A. dancing B. singing C. body language D. writing
2. Body language can also be called _________________ communication.
A. verbal B. nonverbal C. written D. oral
3. Nonverbal communication involves facial expressions, eye contact, ________________, etc.
A. natural movement B. gestures
C. acting D. talking
4. The use of _________________ means standing up straight and keeping your head up.
A. stance B. gesture C. eye contact D. facial expression
5. The audience’s attention will be easily ____________ if the lecturer plays with keys or coins when delivering a speech.
A. paid to B. attracted C. distracted D. focused on
教学时长 6分钟
教学素材 新世纪英语S2B Unit 2 ---Making Speeches-Tips on Making a Public Speech
新世纪英语S2B Unit 2 ---Making Speeches-Tips on Making a Public Speech
It is interesting to note that speeches are always “given” or “delivered”. They are never “said”. When giving a speech, therefore, it is useful for you to think of yourself as playing a part, i.e. acting. This kind of acting calls for an integration of verbal and nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication chiefly involves the speaker’s stance and gestures, the eye contact between the speaker and the audience, and a good control of the presentation speed of talking/speaking.
This is important to the delivery of a good speech. Stand up straight and keep your head up. Dropping your head looks unprofessional and may prevent your audience from hearing you clearly. On the other hand, don’t stand like a guard on duty. You have to be able to move in a natural way in order to add expression to your words. Body language “says” a lot. Avoid holding your hands tightly together; this will interfere with free and natural movement. Don’t play with keys or coins in your pocket; this will distract your audience.
Gestures and facial expressions are both important aids to the spoken word when you are communicating. A dull, long speech delivered without expression, without gestures or eye contact will not be well received. The skill is in deciding how much gesturing to be employed and in making sure that your gestures are natural.
In general, the larger the audience, the more expansive the gestures should be, because they will not be seen so clearly by the audience. In a small group, facial expressions will add a lot to understanding. Try telling somebody something funny with a very serious face. They will have difficulty believing what you are really saying a funny.
Different gestures are supposed to be used in delivering a speech. Some people use their hands a lot when speaking. You must make sure that your gestures are not repeated too often, and they should be expressive and meaningful.
Eye Contact
To have maximum impact you need to make each member of your audience feel as if you were speaking to them personally. To do this, glance towards all sections of the audience and don’t be afraid to move your head. If you favour one direction, the other side may feel you are ignoring them and therefore lose interest in what you are saying.
Accurate timing is essential. You should ensure that you don’t fall short of or run over the time allowed for your speech. Either way, the audience will feel unhappy and lose concentration on your speech. The best way to overcome this is through preparation. Clear thinking about what you want to say and how long your speech will last, before you start to write it, will save a lot of time. When practising, make sure that you speak at the correct speed and do time yourself.

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